Writing the Advertisement for the available position

Describe the role in detail. Take the necessary time over the job advertisement. Get across a sense of your company Brand, Culture & Values. Give a ballpark salary offered by the company. The correct ad will help to filter candidates before the screening of CV’s even reach your desk, saving both the recruiter & candidate time in the process.

Speedy Feedback on CV applications:

Possible candidates appreciate quick responses to their CV applications. This means keeping track of where you have advertised for the position – social media, job portals & your own company website, giving quick feedback to candidates you’re interested in. It is worth it to reply to candidate applications but to make your top applications a priority.

Streamline Process

Candidates go through multiple interview stages. When long-winded and time-consuming recruitment processes are taken, you are more likely to lose candidates. Some candidates will already be in conversation with other companies for other vacancies. Other candidates will have struggles to take multiple days away from work to attend to interviews. A streamlined, organized process makes not just the recruiter’s life easier but the candidates as well.

Branding the Employer

Ask the question for yourself: Why would someone want to work for you? You would be able to have plenty of answers why. But unfortunately, you are not Google or Apple, you need to be able to develop your employer brand in order to share your vision with the candidates. You need to be able to find ways of communicating the brand to prospective employees. When it comes to attracting the top talent, you’re competing against the big boys, and you really need to sell what working for your company is all about.

Availability for Interviews

The top & best candidates have very busy schedules. Most of the time they will not be able to take time off to attend the interview slot of the company’s choosing. Be flexible about the availability & give the top candidates a lot of options. In that way you guarantee an interview with the candidates you are most interested in.

Making an Offer

When it comes time to making an offer to a candidate, you can’t just think of things from your own business perspective. Consider the possibility of counter offers from the candidates’ current employer and start your biding an appropriate level. Also consider offering a slightly higher salary than what the candidate has asked for in a bid to keep them happy & preventing them from accepting other job offer opportunities. Bear in mind that the salary is not the only factor that your candidate will see as important. Incorporate rewards & perks into the offer you make to the candidate to seal the deal


Every stage of the recruitment process of positions, candidates & clients require good communication, not only with the clients but candidates also. You need to keep everyone informed of any developments promptly. When the time comes to sending out an offer letter, this is crucial. You have put a lot of time & effort into finding the right candidate. Individuals tend to get nervous if there is any delay & more likely look elsewhere. As soon as you have decided, get the paperwork in order as quick as possible to ensure that you don’t lose the candidate you have worked so hard to find.

Communication is the cornerstone of the whole recruitment process and here at WHM in Rietfontein, Pretoria, we take it very seriously. Add a top-notch employer brand, the perfect job advert, and flexibility and you will have well-honed and super effective recruitment process at your disposal.