1. Avoids Gossip
    – Building a good atmosphere where everyone can communicate, everyone would feel valued and welcome. Best environment is to eliminate all gossip.
  2. Team Player
    – Being able to work together in a team makes the best qualities of an employee. Setting apart what you have to do and what needs to be done.
  3. Communicates well
    – Communicating is a big part in your position, being able to communicate with your team is priority. You need to be able to discuss what needs to happen and what still needs to happen.
  4. Disciplined
    – Be disciplined to show up on time and completing deadlines in time is a valuable trait in an employee. You need to have focus and drive, must be able to maintain focus and self-control.
  5. Punctual
    – Being delayed in traffic or any other dilemma, good employees show up on time and incorporate extra time into their schedule in case they run into these delayed days. These are the employees you want to seek for new positions
  6. Driven to succeed
    – People who are driven towards success are better additions to you company because they are always motivated.
  7. Readily adaptable
    – Employees who are able to adapt to any environment or situation, those who can adapt are problem solvers
  8. Has initiative
    – Company’s hire someone that meet their immediate needs, not someone who can grow into the position requirements.
  9. Forthright and honest
    – People who speak the truth to conversations are chiefs. Employees will feel more heard, valued and equal in their communication and interaction
  10. Can lead
    – Leadership is an important role in any modern business, you must be willing to help others if you see they are struggling with any project or responsibility they have.
  11. Detail-Oriented
    – Detail-oriented employees make a great addition to a team. It is important to notice any small details within any working environment.
  12. Energetic and Enthusiastic
    – Happy staff are good staff. Having happy workers makes your whole environment relieved
  13. Welcome Challenges
    – People who can unpick a puzzle makes great employees, team members who are exited by the prospect of a challenge are valuable.
  14. Remains optimistic
    – Optimism is a long-game outlook that keep people focused through difficult changes.
  15. Goes above and beyond
    – Getting a good feedback from your references is the most reliable way to see if you have all the good traits of an employee.
  16. Dependable
    – Dependable is not only showing up on time but also general attitude, willingness to contribute and flexibility to fulfill the needs of a project.
  17. Strong work ethic
    – Employers are seeking employees with a track record of responsibility, reliability and an eye for detail.
  18. Deadlines
    – Good employees meeting their internal deadlines and build out towards new projects are excellent employees.
  19. Constantly improving their skills
    – Employers are seeking employees who existing mastered skills, but also check on the professional development.
  20. Puts in necessary hours
    – Great employees must be willing to put in extra hours here and there to support the company
  21. Professional
    – Good qualities in an employee include responsibility, courtesy, honesty, good communication and respect.
  22. Can prioritize and organize
    – Employees who are capable of maintaining their overview of conflicting priorities, setting a clear agenda.
  23. Respect others
    – Treat others the way you wish to be treated. As an employee you must be able to respectfully disagree.
  24. Overcomes obstacles
    – A Good employee is someone who can overcome any obstacles, in any case of scenario those employees are valuable assets to any firm.
  25. Follows trends
    – Knowing what is new within your industry can be a great help to you when doing strategic planning or angling new ways to attract customers.
  26. Reliable and responsible
    – Employers must be able to rely on you to take responsibility for their projects.
  27. Involved with company events
    – Employees who have a lot of staff engagement where staff comes together as a team. Having company events is pointless without staff engagement.
  28. Grounded and humble
    – Great teams are made from great employees, but the best quality is a being a humble employee
  29. Inspire others
    – Inspiration is one of the top qualities of a good employee, being able to inspire colleagues towards a new and better work
  30. Provides fresh ideas
    – Being able to communicate with fellow colleagues for new and fresh ideas for the company
  31. Personal values align with company values
    – It’s important to find employees who support company goals, when employees have similar values it’s a big benefit for the company
  32. Personable
    – Personable people are easy to deal with and likeable, personable people are easier to like
  33. Handles pressure well
    – If it is for deadlines or any other variables, people who can work under pressure stand out from the rest.
  34. Marketable for clients
    – Some staff may never see the company’s clients, but those who will need to fit the image your company portrays.
  35. Attentive listener
    – Those who listen to understand are valuable to teams at all levels
  36. Motivates others
    – Being able to uplift and motivate a team is a unique skill. Motivators are liked by their colleagues, which makes them good leaders.
  37. Takes responsibility
    – Taking responsibility for mistakes you’ve done can showcase the trait of responsibility
  38. Varies tasks willingly
    – Willingness to change tasks and share responsibility makes our list of the best qualities of good employees
  39. Relatable
    – Having empathy and being able to relate to others is a vital component for building good relations at work
  40. Mentions concerns
    – Having employees who are capable of bringing up their concerns in an appropriate manner creates an air of openness
  41. Appreciates constructive criticism
    – Employees who wish to improve their skills make the best contribution, they are the valuable employees
  42. Quick adaption to role
    – Those who can come into a new position with ease, technically and cultural they are the best employees for a company
  43. Interacts effectively
    – The people who can hit the ground running are the kind of employees any firm would be looking for
  44. Bends over backward
    – Employees that will go out of their way to make sure that the deadlines and goals are met, employers need to know that you are in it together
  45. Speaks their minds
    – Open communication and transparency are great core values for any company’s culture.