Do you need help? Are you finding it hard to be considered for interviews? You might be doing one of the terrible ten wrong!

We have identified that large numbers of job seekers in the market have no idea how to successfully market themselves, they send out CV’s that gets trashed and struggles with the job hunting process.

Good news!!! We can help!!!

We offer a personalised service to prospective job hunters. At a reasonable rate we will assist you to compile a cover letter, professional resume, employment reference checks, industry tips on how to successfully job hunt and interview tips and secrets are revealed. This is aimed at making the job hunting experience, pleasant, effortless and successful.

Price List

  • Professional CV – R 40.00 per page

  • Professional Email Cover Page  –  R 50.00

  • Employment Reference Check   –  R 100.00 per check

  • Secrets & Tips for Job Hunters   –  R 100.00

  • Interview Tips & Preparations  –  R 100.00

Job Hunter Package

R570(You save R 110.00)
  • Professional CV to maximum of 8 pages, extra pages will be charged additionally @ R40.00 per page

Job Interview Checklist

Please Note!!!!

Recruiters cannot by law charge a candidate for submitting their application for any vacant position or to market the prospective candidate because they cannot guarantee employment.

Our value adding service to Job hunting individuals is thus no other than professional consultancy that assists the individual to market themselves more effectively and provides them with inside information of the industry. This service is only offered to individuals whom request this assistance.

Good luck with your job hunting, we know you can. Because you are…